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PA Day Agenda

St. Mary Catholic Elementary School- Grafton

Agenda: November 23, 2018 - Provincial Ministry of Education Mandated Math P.A. Day


Outline of Learning

Grade 1 to 8 Teachers - Provincial Focus on Mathematics - full day at school

Kindergarten Teachers and Early Childhood Educators - a.m.-  Early Math Development and Teaching

-p.m.-  implement inquiry-based learning and pedagogical documentation/assessment strategies.

FSL Teachers off site for Professional Development

Special Education Support Staff

(E.A.’s) - safeTalk training- morningn off site,

 - meditation and minfulness PD- afternoon (off site)

Integrated Literacy Teachers -  full day at Board Office

9:15- 9:30

At the school - Grade 1 to 8 Teachers - Housekeeping, Land Acknowledgement, Prayer

  • Set the Norms and Frame the Day and Move into Minds On Activity - Number Talk


Move into Action Part 1:

Focus on the Fundamentals of Math Document - Front Matter of the document.


Move into Action Part 2: Focus on the Fundamentals of Math Document - Scope and Sequence

Build Scope and Sequence; debrief process

Inside Outside Circle - Quotes

Move into Consolidation:

Link to Number Talks

Reaffirm the learning we are doing as a district/school



1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Number Talk - build on previous number talk in the day.

Link to Minds on Activity and the Action and Consolidation of Three Part Math Lessons


Plan a string of number / dot talks based on grade.    Work together by division or grade.



Reflection:   Share number talk / dot talk string with others.

Provide evidence.

Reflect on Day - Exit Survey